Aspen R

Specialist fuel for motorsports

Aspen R is the fuel for when you simply want the very best, and that your engine delivers to its total capacity, time and time again. It is primarily intended for motorsports, to ensure your car, go-kart or motorbike always delivers a powerful and dependable performance.

Aspen R’s special characteristics are achieved by ensuring the fuel use the highest quality components. This ensures you get the very best out of the latest engine technology.

High quality, plus even density, better enables optimal performance from both ignition and fuel systems. This fuel also has a long shelf life without deteriorating in performance.

Aspen R has an octane rating of RON 102/MON 90, which is the maximum possible under the guidelines issued by the international motorsports federation, FIA.

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Product info


Sold in 25-litre cans and 200-litre sizes.