Motorsports – an experience-focused industry in the midst of transformation

The sounds. The smells. The speed and the smoldering exhaust fumes. With the rising popularity of motorsports in the U.S., Aspen Fuel is poised to show how it’s a better fuel choice for drivers, fans and more.

Utilizing Aspen’s engineered alkylate fuel formula ensures that your car, go-kart or motorbike always delivers a powerful and dependable performance. It’s the goal, after all, to make sure your engine operates at its total capacity, time and time again, so you can race to victory.

The high quality, plus even density of Aspen Fuel, better enables optimal performance from both ignition and fuel systems. This ensures you get the very best out of the latest engine technology.

Aspen alkylate fuel also has a long shelf life without deteriorating in performance.


Stable fuels

High-performance engineered fuels from Aspen are gaining in popularity in the motorsports industry for several reasons, one of which is stability. Unlike other fuels, when an engine is tuned to run on an Aspen fuel, it allows mechanics to focus on other things. No further tuning is required, as the fuel will behave the same way all the time, even after refills.

When you use Aspen fuels, it’s also very easy to spot instances of fuel cheating. We have a measuring device to check the weight of the fuel – accurate to a thousandth of a gram. As we know exactly what our fuel weighs, we can immediately identify any discrepancies.

When it comes to storage, Aspen fuel lasts 10 times longer than standard gas. That means you can safely store your go-kart and motorbike without emptying the tank, and count on them to start strong – even after a long hiatus.


Improving the motorsports industry…and the environment

Many of the elements we traditionally associate with motorsports are also those that cause concern: the exhaust fumes of roaring engines, leaking fluids, and the pungent smells hanging over the race track.

Aspen fuel is the cleanest petroleum product that can be produced. With no fumes, no ethanol and reduced smog formation, drivers, mechanics and spectators would all experience the benefits. If Aspen Fuel were to be used in more events and categories within motorsports, it would change the sport for the better. This is especially true for indoor go-karting facilities that are more susceptible to indoor air quality issues from exhaust fumes.

Indoor and outdoor kart racing tracks can surely benefit from the alkylate advantage. Speed to the finish line with Aspen alkylate fuel – a cleaner more efficient fuel for you, your engine and the environment.