Aspen 2

Fuel for air-cooled two stroke engines

Aspen 2 is engineered alkylate fuel sold ready-mixed at 50:1 with fully synthetic biodegradable oil. Aspen 2 can be used in a variety of air-cooled two-stroke engines, from clearing saws and power cutters to hedge trimmers and power cutters.

Aspen 2’s cleaner formula helps reduce the amount of carbon build-up and deposits on the engine, making it operate more smoothly and more efficiently. Your engine will be easier to start, and the fuel has a far longer shelf life than that of standard fuels.

Aspen 2 is largely free of hazardous components such as benzene and other hydrocarbons. This keeps the engine cleaner, reduces harmful emissions and gives you a better work experience.

Aspen plastic containers are lightweight, will never rust and provide up to 15% more volume than competitive products at a lower cost.

To find out if Aspen 2 is right for your equipment, ensure it’s a two-stroke engine, which would not have a dipstick. If your machine includes a fuel tank and an oil reservoir, it’s a four-stroke engine.

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Sold in 1, 5, 25 and 200 liter sizes.