Protect your boat engine and the waters you enjoy

There are so many reasons to enjoy taking the boat out. The sense of freedom. The sense of calm. The pleasure of waiting for fish to bite or socializing with friends and family.

Aspen’s engineered fuels can help preserve the lakes, rivers and oceans you enjoy. Made from vapors produced during the oil refining process, Aspen engineered alkylate fuel is extra-pure fuel that’s cleaner for your engine and the environment.


Good for your engine

Aspen alkylate fuel will help your engine run better. It also will be easier to start, and the clean combustion will keep your engine free of soot deposits experienced with regular fuel. Aspen fuel is free from ethanol, eliminating the corrosion and residue caused by standard gasoline.

Engineered fuel from Aspen is a better choice for you, too. When piloting a boat powered by Aspen alkylate fuel, you’ll notice a significant reduction in fumes that can produce headaches or other discomfort.

Boat owners also will appreciate the storage benefits of Aspen alkylate fuel. Aspen fuels are up to 10 times more durable than standard gas, so you don’t even need to empty the tank when preparing your boat for winter storage. And when the boating season arrives once again in the spring, your engine will start with greater ease.



Up to 99% purer

The purity of Aspen fuel is a promise. Our alkylate gas contains up to 99% fewer harmful hydrocarbons than standard gasoline.

Choosing the right fuel is particularly important for anyone with an older outboard motor. These motors can discharge up to 25% of the fuel unused, directly into the water. As Aspen alkylate gas is largely free of substances such as benzene and aromatics, you’ll be doing marine life a huge favor.
Relax on your next boating trip knowing you are doing what’s best for your boat engine, yourself and the environment with Aspen engineered fuel.